Saturday, 7 November 2009

bathroom update - getting there

i am quite proud of this photo - i know it doesnt look like much but it is the start of the next major task to do with the bathroom
this is the new fixed shower head and bracket on the wall ready to be plumbed in - so getting the shower working again
got the idea from ones we saw at b & q priced at about 2 to 3 hundred pounds for the set
i figured i just needed the bracket and big shower head for what i wanted to do so we set about trying to find them and at respectable price - well done to
e-bay again £10 - had to go to leeds to pick it up but still cheap so - job done
as you can see here the bath is done now and i made a bath panel from the same stuff i did the walls with
it looks good and is flush with the sides of the bath so takes up less space than the proper one which stuck out about 2 inch - its only a small bathroom
the new toilet is in and works well - the toilet seat was another e-bay find brand new of course - there is an e-bay shop that does loads of good designs and we liked this one
have put some paint on the new walls but it will take a few coats i think but it should look ok in the end
also we have done the floor - it is stick on lino tiles - we have used these before and as long as you hardboard the floor level they are great and never move - quick and effective
you can see on this one how patchy the walls are - as i said a few more coats of paint - and a bit of polyfiller on this bit should sort it
we are sanding the walls down beteen coats as we would like a smooth finish - hard work but worth the end result
the laundry basket is new as well our lass got it as it matches the theme - she is good at doing that sort of thing
you know the score
- men build houses but women make them into homes -