Sunday, 28 August 2011

the less than twenty pound re-spray

it was time for a tart up job for ermintrude - so out with the paint brushes and the roller(before shots on last post) 

not bad i thought and it only took a few hours with a 1 inch brush for the small bits and a gloss roller for the rest

at less than a tenner for a litre of proper paint from the local agricultural centre - and i only used one and a half tins - not a bad afternoons work i think!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

been on our holidays

we have been on our holidays

 we went camping over at Teeside - Stockton-on-tees that is

we went in my car which is called Ermintrude - a 1980 series 3 long wheel base station wagon

we always consider the journey to be part of the holiday - so we started and finished with an adventure so to speak !!!!
as you can see we don't believe in 'roughing it' when we go camping

even though there was only 4 of us going this time we still took a decent size tent - why be uncomfortable when you don't have to be ?

we slept in this side on a queen sized double height air bed and the kids were in the other side on their own air beds.
 one of our days out was to a quad bike track which was quite local - to say the boys enjoyed it would be an under statement

we also visited lots of other towns and villages with Redcar and Saltburn-by-the-sea being of note

my dad will remember the 1 in 4 hill (25%) down into the bottom of Saltburn - yes it was fun in the land rover !!!!!!!!!!!

the north east is very under rated for holidays we think - but we enjoyed it and the weather was mostly good

why fly off to the Costa-who-knows-where when there are so many interesting places on your door step so to speak ?