Monday, 7 December 2009

nice to know people do care

just a quick note to all you out there who called in to say hello
thanks for your concern and thoughts it makes me feel better to know people out there still have concern for other people than just them selves
it may come as a surprise to you for saying thanks but us drivers are well used to being little thought of by Joe public and it does get to you after a while so it makes a pleasant change to be appreciated if only for a little while !!!!!!!

if you have any appreciation left out there please pass on a little bit to any trucker out there as i am sure we would all be grateful for it - you know the score " one act of random kindness "

we are all out there just trying to deliver the goods and in turn to make an honest living to support our family

and a quick extra thought for the better halves back at home keeping it all together who rarely get to see us and aren't thanked often enough

better get off my soap box now - but thanks for looking