Saturday, 2 January 2010

covert ops

no pictures today for obvious reasons
been on covert ops to neighbouring area and half emptied one of the roadside salt bins (yes it was on a well salted road and unlikley to be needed)
needs be as needs must so the deed was done and the salt was fetched back to our hill and street and i spread it about on the hill and bad corner and the rest up the street a bit until it ran out
it seems a bit daft but what do you do nobody else was doing it so someone has to do it as a lot of people just couldnt get in or out
i looked out before and it seems to be working the road looks a lot better and hopefully it makes a few peoples life easier

i put one of those widget things on my site as you can see as i was interested to see who was looking at our site as most of you dont seem to comment on my drivel - so this way i can see if there are any more idiots like me out there

have fun...