Thursday, 27 October 2011

still on hols - yet more photo's

more photo's of happy hols again............
 we took the kids out for the day

one went horse riding ........

 the other went on an off road segway (sorry about picture quality they go too fast for me to keep up with)

 this one is about half way up loch lomond looking north.........
 loch lomond again but looking south - pic mainly of interesting tree.................
double click this one and blow it up it shows the local area.........
we went back to my ancestral home and took this picture remmembering one of my very distant relatives
my family tree goes back to the colquhoun clan who are from the loch lomond area from year dot - its one of those places in life you have to go and see ..................

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

more out and about (photo heavy)

been out and about a lot today so lots of photo's

 this waterfall is in the grounds of the place we are staying
 we are in the middle floor - the one with the doors open
we walked down the road a bit and went for coffee - this is how far from everywhere we were.

you just need to read these -

same again......

and again...

 this was a nice bit of carving....
this was the shed next to it - lots of random signs - i couldnt resist a photo ....

later on we went down into aberfoyle and had good look round and them some lunch

after this it was back into the car again and we spent the afternoon wandering around callandar - but i will leave that for another day..........

Monday, 24 October 2011

still on holiday - out and about

been out and about today

we went accross to stirling and had a wander about the thistle shopping centre - not my cup of tea - but the much beloved enjoyed it (come on blokes who enjoys shopping appart from the girls)

on the way back we called in at the dobbies garden centre and we found these - dancing penguins playing different xmas tunes - hilarious!!!!!!!!!!
i did actualy buy something for me for a change - i bought a seedling bonsai tree - lets see how that turns out............................ 

Sunday, 23 October 2011

on family holiday in scotland (picture heavy)

on hols at aberfoyle - forest hills trossachs club
here is a taster - lots of pictures...

here is one of the bedrooms

twin single beds with en-suite

the next two are the view from the balcony...........nice.....

just up the road a bit - just look at that reflection
same loch different view

a bit further up the hills and looking down towards the next loch

well you would have to take a picture now wouldnt you !!!

the sign tells it all - this is where we were and this is what was there

if you double click any of the pictures they will go full size - much better view then - also feel free to use them as backgrounds for your desktop - i never bother to lock them you may share them freely

Saturday, 8 October 2011

its tattie picking week ...

the potatoes are about ready around our bit so its tattie picking time.
we used to have 'tattie picking week' when we were kids and used to go down to the local farm and work(damn hard) picking and sorting that years crop of potatoes
the health and safety gestapo and various child cruelty groups would probably have a heart attack nowadays but we loved it - and besides we got paid for it , not much by todays standards but it was good pocket money in those days
back to the present.........

there was a large potatoe picking machine whizzing up and down the field digging out the potatoes and feeding them out in to boxes carried on the back of a tractor and trailer and then taken off that by a telehandler and then loaded on to my wagon

it didnt take long to empty that field i can tell you as there was a few wagons there waiting to load and go - got to get a shift on as they have to go to the supplier the same day as they have to be fresh.

the views were good while we waited though
(good picture for my dad this - he should know where this is)

Saturday, 1 October 2011

out and about - action photo's

been out and about with ermintrude
the wheels were mucky and i was too lazy to get the bucket and sponge out

had to wait for eldest son to leg it over the bridge with the camera....

and away we go - mobile wheel wash.....

dont know what happened with this last picture but you get the gist of it - this is the way out again