Wednesday, 23 September 2009

the view from the cab

car drivers are stupid

bit general that but bear with me and you may see why

approaching roadworks etc the traffic allways backs up why? - its the chancers in the outside lane trying to get in at the last minute - yes you have seen it and yes its all their fault and you are perfect of course - or are you? - if you are one of the ones who let them in at the cones you are just as bad because if we all stopped letting them back in they would not do it in the first place - get yourselves in the correct lane by at least the 600yd marker and keep the traffic flowing and we can all get there quicker

the third lane slip road manouvre

yes we have all seen this and boy is it annoying and damn suicidal to say the least
if you see the mile marker for your junction you should be getting accross to the inside lane ready for your exit by at least the 1/2 mile marker - yes you will probably have to slow down to do this and yes you may lose valuable milliseconds on your journey but have you ever seen the damage a wagon does to a car when it 'T' bones it?

little point of note here - crash tests are done by driving into walls and things like other cars and usually test for front impacts and some even for side impact as these are the most common none of these tests involve ploughing a 44 TON wagon into them - odds are if a wagon hits you you wont be in any fit state to argue about it - its your life think about it

slip roads

your comming down the slip road and joining the road what do you do?
if the roads empty no problem just keep indicating and join the road into the first lane and away you go
the problem comes when ther is other traffic on the road
valuable thing to remmember here those dotted lines to your right are give way lines which means you have to give way to whatever is already on the road
if you are lucky some one will see you trying to join and if they can will move over a lane and let you out if not its up to you to give way of course and that usually involes having to slow down and losing valuable milliseconds again

thats it for the rant this week as you can guess i have been cut up a few times this week so have to get it out of my system
a big thankyou to the other drivers out there that have given way and driven while thinking of other people as well - you are few and far between but much needed - have a good week!!!!!!!!

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