Tuesday, 6 October 2009

bathroom-a quick 5 minute job(not)

well we got a start on the bathroom at the weekend

not a five minute job this but you hve to start some time so off we went

we have been collecting all the bits we need for a while now to try and keep costs down

the corner bath came from e-bay , the sink from a car boot at siloth(brand new in the box) and the toilet new in a sale at b & q

as you can see first job was strip all the old tiles from the walls

those of you that have done this know how easy this job is - all you have to do is tap the tiles and they just drop off leaving nice clean,level plaster ready to re-do
like hell they do - total pain job this - they come off eventually after lots of graft and take half the wall with them
quick phone call to our mate scouse our local tame builder and he came to the rescue with all the plastering gear and waved his magic at the two walled we wanted done and that was that

the other two walls dont need plastered as they are being covered by the new covering which is not tiles it is plastic sheets which will be much quicker and maintenance free when done

that was friday night and saturday taken up so saturday nights job was to get the bath back in and usable if pos as i was now black as the ace of spades and would need a wash

its a good job b & q stays open till late as none of the plumbing would match up as some was imperial and the rest metric

so a late night rush to penrith and back before it shut was in hand and i got the bits i needed and after some choice words and application of brute force it was in and the water came in by the correct taps and went back out of the plug with no leaks - job done

quick one here is there an easy way to level a bath on its legs as it took me forever and needs ten hands about baby size and a vice like grip
next time putting the plastic panelling in and what it looks like now

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