Friday, 1 January 2010

i'm going out again later so decided to get the car ready
look all windows brushed off scraped and all snow brushed off bonnet - bit of a novelty as the current trend seems to be scape one square inch from the windscreen and then set off - a bit like a mobile igloo
rant over

i will brush the snow off the roof in a bit but am cold so came back in for a bit
as you can see we have a little bit of snow again and no salt or grit to be seen again - the salt bin down the road has been empty for a fortnight now so we cant even do it our selves - not that the council would in the first place

and before you all moan yes i have a four wheel drive - we both do a disco and a freelander - so i know yes i am personally destroying the planet - but unlike the chelsea tractor brigade i do actually need one and yes it does get used in four wheel drive in anger and yes i do know how to drive it
family gathering today and we all went through to mothers in carlisle and ate too much as she (as normal) made enough for several coach parties
it was good to get together as we cant do it too often as we are all busy most of the time
we went in the freelander this time as we havent had it long and wanted to try it out in the snow and ice - verdict good in snow but crap on ice - the four wheel drive system and traction control work great in the snow but ice is no good as none of the wheels get any grip at all - but the abs is great and no dodgy sliding at all
and before you say it no it wasnt me driving but the good lady who handled it brilliantly as per and then i took over for the last bit when it became sheet ice and got it home
so the point of all this - its snowed a bit and there is no salt so its worth driving carefully

better to get there late in this life than be early for the next

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  1. Oh and I had to go to Beattie's so couldn't come ;0)

    Glad you had a good time, mam enjoyed it she said.