Sunday, 14 March 2010

spring is comming - better late than never

now here is a good photo to start a blog with ....
our lass had spotted this on e-bay and added it to the watch list just in case i wanted to do another project caravan for the summer ....
what do you think - does it have potential ?
no seriously back to spring
we are getting ready for it here and i have invested in a mini green house to put the seedlings in - so hopefully i can grow even more this year
i got the seed trays free from some of the big garden centres i deliver to
they get them in to grow seeds in and when they get bigger they put them in pots and the seed trays get thrown out to recycle
so if you are on a budget or tight like me it could make your gardening cheaper

this is part of the back garden and as you can see spring has sprung and the shoots are shooting
no idea what they are but they grow every year and are blue in colour
i didn't plant them but they are where one of the previous rabbits final resting place is
you know what its like with kids - a dead pet has to go with a full state funeral and lots of gifts are buried with them - i think one of the kids must have put some flowers in

this is the front garden and this is the first of the daffodils coming through
they will be closely followed by the tulips as they usually are so that will be the front sorted again for this year.
a bit of an announcement - its our gills birthday this next week (that british woman) and she will be really old of course so please pass by her blog and pass on your sympathy etc and if you have spare zimmer frames etc that you could pass on to her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- i am so dead but i am the other side of the pond to her so she will have to wait a while to get me
ps i should really tell you all all the embarrasing stories of our gills mispent youth so please e-mail in for a full book of cringeworthy tales !!!!!!

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  1. well that wasn't nice, now was it.......thank you Nicholas for the birthday greeting....