Wednesday, 7 July 2010

acreage update and some big news

well things have come on quite a bit lately what with the good sunshine and the normal cumbrian rain of course

this is just one of the pots that is quite literaly bursting forth

meanwhile in the summerhouse things are getting out of hand a bit
all three grow bags are in use now
one for the tomatoes - on the right
one for the lettuce - in the middle
and one for the cucumbers - to the left
there are also some peppers ,lettuce and sweet peas in pots

in the acreage the peas are almost ready to pick

the potatoes are ready to dig up next week and hopefully for several weeks after that too

the cauliflower and broccolli are both comming on a treat and the first of the broccolli is begining to form between the leaves it is about a 1cm diameter at present - i know exciting i know

as you can see with the overall shot everthing has turned out well this year again

the sunflowers are at it again - lets see if they get too big again this year

the roses have settled in a bit this year and have benefitted from all that organic manure

i think the picture tells this story

this is the big news - the acreage and all the other jobs we have done are all up for sale

we have been here 7 years now and spent loads of time , effort and money and now its time to move on to the next project

it may sell quick , it may take some time but who knows - at least we can say we did our bit and have left it improved from when we got it


  1. You certainly have been working hard. Hope it sells quickly for you. It's a really good time with all this sunshine. Speaking of which I saw on the news tonight that there's a hosepipe ban in Cumbria! Typical isn't it.

  2. I hope you sell soon as well Our Nick.