Sunday, 22 August 2010

 well i have found a solution to uploading pictutres so here is a bit of an update on what has been going on at our house
the garden is in full bloom and with all the flowers we are surrounded by all the birds,bees and insects doing their thing
(blow up this picture)

the acreage is doing well and here are some of the fruits of our labours so to speak.there are some potatoes, cucumber and cherry tomatoes , all home grown of cause and taste much better for it .the cucumders are all knobbly for some reason but taste great,the tomatoes are growing well but we are struggling to get them to go red

here is an overall shot of the back garden - i allways take this from the same place so you can see the changes.
have a look at those sunflowers - i have had to put the scaffolding up again they are about 8 feet tall allready and still have some growing to do.

here it is at last a picture of the £20 caravan on our all went well and as you can see it looks a lot better than when it first started. we bought an awning for it and this helped out no end .when we came back from holidays we listed it on e-bay and have sold it now to finance the next one - we will wait until back end when people are wanting rid of them and should be able to get a much bigger one - we are looking for a twin axle one next.
it will probably be another do-er-upper and more than likely we will post pictures of its progress so here's hopeing
before you ask - it sold on e-bay for £350 , yes really - worth all the time and effort i would have said


  1. That produce looks good. First time I've grown tomatoes and I have the same problem. Not enough sunshine over the last few weeks here. None next week either so think they'll be on the kitchen window once it gets cold. My granddad used to do that & he wrapped them in flannel too.

    What a great project with the caravan. Best of luck with the next one.

  2. Everything does look great, and that magnificent sunflower is in a class all by itself!!

  3. wow well done our Nick. That house you were after has been people we know!! Typical eh!!

    Younger brother is on his way to our house, with the kids for lunch. He's staying with us until he leaves on Wednesday. The two weeks have gone by really fast. I am sending a little something back for you. I will get Pete to give it to mother and you can pick it up from there.


  4. are you ever going to post on your blog again?