Sunday, 28 November 2010

so it snowed then .....

 well here comes winter and the snow has started we have had a couple of days of it now so i suppose this will be winter then

luckily both cars are prepared with anti-freeze , screen wash and have been given the once-over ready for the bad weather

so on the way back from a trip out to carlisle and gretna we came back via the back roads and enjoyed the scenery and other stuff
as you can see up our end the back roads dont see the snow ploughs or gritters so it all makes for a very interesting ride out
we got there and we got back so no problems with that then - a good day was had by all....!!

1 comment:

  1. It looks pretty though!!! Have to say we didn't get much more than a sprinkling here, just enough to brush if off the deck nothing more. Getting my winter tires put on Tuesday. Thomas called in today with his new winter tires on along with his fancy dancy rims!! Must be nice to be young and have too much money!!