Wednesday, 22 December 2010

winter weather chaos ?

so winter is here in the uk

no problem - the bad weather was forecast in advance so obviously we all got prepared and we ready for it

no we didnt - and now we are all complaining about it - and of course its all some body elses fault

no it isnt !!!! - its your own fault for not taking responsibility for your own self and the others around you

transport - did you fit your winter tyres and do your anti freeze and screen wash , did you pack a shovel and some warm clothes and a blanket etc in your car just in case - or did you brake down / get stuck and stand on the side of the road freezing and complain about how slow it was for the emergency services to get to you ( because you were their first priority of course ) 

your home / your street - you did remember to get your boiler serviced before the winter started didnt you ?
when the snow and freezing started you of course did your drive and your bit of path and along with your neighbours cleared your road
or did you just sit in the house phoning your local council that they hadnt done it as your street should have priority over all the others in your area because ( insert flimsy excuse )
after you had done all this you of course checked on all of your neighbours to see if they were ok and offered them any help if they needed any - or are you one of the im alright jack brigade

so far this winter all i have heard is people complaining about how bad it has been and blaming various authorities for their lack of action
try this new approach - get up off your butt and do something about it - do it yourself and take responsibility for you and the others around you

rant over - if i dont speak to you beforehand seasons greetings from me and mine to you and yours....nick


  1. You sound like a Canadian!!!

    Merry Christmas to all the gang, hope you have a lovely couple of days and Santa is good to you Nick.

    Lot's of love,


  2. Yes got the boiler serviced but it doesn't stop the condensator pipe from freezing up and stopping the boiler!

    My screen wash reservoir was empty and even though I put in neat screenwash it still froze. Had to keep pulling into laybys and chucking water over the windscreen. Had to laugh when I was in my daughter's mini with her, she just put her hand out of the window when she stopped at traffic lights and chucked a bottle of water over it. Easy peasy! One of the advantages of having a mini I suppose.

    Well have a great year in 2011 and I'm praying for warmer weather, I hate winter with a vengeance.