Monday, 2 May 2011

been to the car boot sale x2

we have been to two car boot sales over this weekend and have bought some useful stuff as usual

here we have a nice picture of a rooster for the kitchen

we bought some flowers too and this is what we have done with some of them

now here was a bit of a bargain it is a plastic bench with built in storage - only paid a tenner and it's £80 in the argos book

this is just a nice picture of some flowers we got a while ago and are doing well in the good weather we are having

all in all a good weekend we have been out and about enjoying the time off and the weather and picked up a few bargains to boot

also managed to come accross a dog guard for my landrover for a tenner (over £100 new) , a punchbag and boxing gloves for the youngest - his choice - worth three quid just to keep him quiet for a bit
so there you have it - thats what we did this long weekend (not counting all the jobs at home) been there , did that and did'nt manage to set fire to any thing at all

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