Thursday, 21 July 2011

the (unwritten) rules of the road

1.   You don’t own the road – learn to share it.

2.   Keep up with the traffic flow.

3.   Give way and be courteous – you may need the favour returned.

4.   The other traffic does not know where you are going use your indicators.

5.   Get in the correct lane early, if you leave it too late you might not get in.

6.   Traffic jams – pick a lane and stick with it – the grass is always greener etc,etc.

7.   Learn to read other traffic’s ‘body language’ and expect the unexpected.

8.   Have a sense of humour – there are plenty of idiots on the road – don’t retaliate it only brings you down to their level.

9.   Plan your journey and allow plenty of time – better late than never.

10.Make time for a break – tired drivers make mistakes.

11.It is not your god given right to drive – make enough mistakes and you will lose your licence.

12.Carry warm clothes and a waterproof coat – even new cars can break down – the hard shoulder can be an inhospitable place.

13.Have you re-read the Highway Code this century?

14.Check your oil/water/tyres/brakes regularly – if you don’t know how to find out how to – its basic stuff.
Cars and roads do not cause accidents – drivers do – think about it.

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