Saturday, 8 October 2011

its tattie picking week ...

the potatoes are about ready around our bit so its tattie picking time.
we used to have 'tattie picking week' when we were kids and used to go down to the local farm and work(damn hard) picking and sorting that years crop of potatoes
the health and safety gestapo and various child cruelty groups would probably have a heart attack nowadays but we loved it - and besides we got paid for it , not much by todays standards but it was good pocket money in those days
back to the present.........

there was a large potatoe picking machine whizzing up and down the field digging out the potatoes and feeding them out in to boxes carried on the back of a tractor and trailer and then taken off that by a telehandler and then loaded on to my wagon

it didnt take long to empty that field i can tell you as there was a few wagons there waiting to load and go - got to get a shift on as they have to go to the supplier the same day as they have to be fresh.

the views were good while we waited though
(good picture for my dad this - he should know where this is)

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  1. I only went tattie picking once and I hated it....end of that conversation.........LOL