Thursday, 3 November 2011

my wishes for the wedding

My niece and partner are getting married and i wanted to pass on some top wisdom – but i am not very good at wisdom so thought of this instead.

Marriage is a journey through life , taking the motorway is allways the quickest route but it is more prone to accidents and holdups, you rarely get chance to enjoy the scenery .

The back roads are slower and the scenery is much better but sometimes the scenery is better than the journey and can distract you.

Marriage does not come with a sat-nav so at each junction you will have to make a decision – there are two of you in the car – so choose a destination you both want to go to.

Maybe not the best advice in the world – but i do wish them the best journey through life together.

May your road be smooth and not too many roadworks and may the scenery be nice but not too nice to stop you enjoying each others company .


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  1. Wise words! Wish them the best.