Saturday, 4 July 2009

been busy with my phone and have took a few pictures of the acreage and the livestock - above is the veg patch a few weeks ago with the modified wood and string arrangement to hold them up

here is today behind the peas and beans - the courgettes have startes as have the potatoes

the roses have also taken off - there was more but i cut some off and put them in the front room

honest there is still some garden left - but when you have kids you have to keep them amused

yes that is part of the livestock - his name is pongo - no we didn't choose it - he was a rescue dog and was well worth the time an patience to re-train .

this was last weeks project - just nip down to northallerton saturday morning , pick up door , come home again , take out old aluminium front door and fit new white door and make good all in one day as i had to go back to work on the sunday

no panic then??

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  1. I can't decide who is in the pool? Is it Jake?

    Considering how small your back yard is, you have a lot going on in there, don't you? The veggies seem to be doing well. You can't see my veggies for weed's, don't suppose you fancy popping over to do a bit of weeding do you?