Saturday, 11 July 2009

been away all week so havent had time to do any blogging(not like our gill who seems to have nothing else better to do)

i can save you wear and tear on your computer as i will probably only get round to this once a week so save yourself the trouble and you only need to check it weekly

busy,busy,busy at work this week ,went on monday morning and got back saturday afternoon-no rest for the wicked

for those of you who think wagon driving is just sitting on your backside all day and sleeping in layby's - try it - you will get a shock.

so came back and checked on the acreage and the first of the peas are ready as are the spring onions . the beans should be ready in a week or so , the courgette (yes just one left) thats about 2 foot tall and in flower - dont know if thats good or not.the cauliflowers are just about surviving as are the potatoes- which will probably be ready for christmas dinner.

the swimming pool was green but the new filters had come at last so emptied the water a bit and changed the filters . it looks better now. o the joys of e-bay.have also ordered some chlorine tablets of e-bay so lets see if that works.

meanwhile back at the ranch the kids have been getting ready for the school holidays so its sports days and report time.the reports are all fairly good so must'nt grumble . the youngest won two of the races at the sports day so is proud as punch as are we. i didnt see it as normal but got sent pictures to my phone (o the joys of driving a wagon)

almost got home through the week but too many jobsworths hold you up getting tipped and loaded so you end up running out of time and cant get home. traffic has been bad and lots of accidents mainly caravans (its that time of year)

how many jobs are there that you can run out of time half an hour from home and thats it for the day until next morning

good one for you to think about - when your on the road going to where ever and you are getting held up by the traffic dont get wound up and angry just ask yourself "why is my journey more important than anyone else's" - trust me it is'nt.

if we all thought of each other and not just ourselves the traffic would flow much better and we would all get there much happier.

...just got sat down again as me and the neighbours have spent most of the day down the sewer cleaning and emptying out by hand and with bucket the sewer at the bottom of mine and next doors drive. it seems the sewer has colapsed bettween the end of our drive and the main sewer and has backed up - oh joy

the man came out and looked at it and said because it is not the main sewer that is blocked it is our problem even though we pointed out the collapse was under the footpath and the road and not on our property. so now we have to get permission to dig up the path and the road and fix it ourselves - looks like thats next weekend sorted.

just be gratefull its not our gill writing this as she seems to take a picture of everything!!!!!!!!

i'll be glad to get back to work i tell you!!??

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  1. Oh Nick, what a week you had. That sucks about the sewer, I can't see why it isn't a council problem. Have you found out what is blocking it yet?

    By the way you are right, if it was me writing this you would have photos!!!

    Have a safe week at work....