Friday, 24 July 2009

oh the joys of living in cumbria - the only place in the world you can get four seasons in one day on a truly regular basis

as you can see by the photo the rain is bouncing of the pool - i would'nt mind but half an hour earlier i had just emptied about a foot of water out of it as it was too full
the last picture is only ten minutes later and we have bright sunshine with light breeze - yeah i know it could be worse - but this is supposed to be summer and we are going camping next week

as you can see the scaffold thing has worked and the sun flowers are recovering - now up to 7ft and still no flowers as yet but they are starting
the acreage (behind the sunflowers) is also doing well - hardly any peas left now as the kids keep eating them - the beans are well ready now and are hanging with massive , bulging pods - still no idea what to do with them
still better go now and empy more of the pool out again and see if the rabbit has drowned - probably better hurry in case it snows next

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  1. it keeps raining here as well. Want to cut the grass, but its just so wet and least the water in the pool is nice and clean...