Sunday, 19 July 2009

end of another week and time to update you all with news.

the sewage problem is sorted - i got the insurance company out and they sent the boys round and two vans later they have it all sorted out and both the smell and the mess has gone
- no photos or long winded explanation of all the ins and outs of it as this is me not our gill and besides you might be eating your tea

as you can see things are growing well on the acreage this is the beans which are allmost ready to pick

any ideas of what i am going to do with them as the kids wont eat them and im not a big fan either?
we had some really bad rain on friday and the wind was hellish - really back end weather -

the sunflowers took a real hammering and all fell over

the ones we could save have all out grown the canes i put up so we needed a new plan

so what do you think of that - it is scaffolding it might not look pretty but it is working

the sunflowers are well over six foot now and not a flower to be seen so god knows how big they are gonna get - ive got some more scaffold just in case

the butterfly bush has exploded into flower and we are now surrounded by bumble bees and small butterflies - nice

as you can just see the pool is now crystal clear with the chlorine shock tablets we got off e-bay

just disolve them in a bucket over night tip them in and run the pump for a few hours and hey presto one clean pool - much recomended

its our wedding anniversary this weekend

7 years so looked it up as we always do and its wool or copper for 7 years so i looked and looked and didnt find any thing i liked so off we went down to kendal and bought the good lady a new hardwood patio set

top romantic or what!!!?

it is nice - and i will get round to oiling fairly soon as i dont think it has a lot on it so better safe than sorry as it wasnt cheap

the good lady bought me a toy sheep(wool)and and a garden wind vane(copper)

i lost again lets hope i do better next year(any body know what 8 years is ??)

lastly a bit of live stock news - this is the rabbit who is called roger
a very happy rabbit at the moment a he is getting all the casualtys from the bad weather and is eating well to say the least
the other live stock - pongo is still doing well and is standing guard duty on the butterfly bush as he likes to chase and ear the bumble bees - yes he is daft - so fits in well round here

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  1. congrats on your wedding anniversary to you both. Love the patio set. Where are the photos of the sheep and the garden ornament? Remember photos, at all times!!!

    I think Roger Rabbit will make not one pie. but two pies as he is nice and chubby......only teasing Tracy....LOL