Sunday, 23 August 2009

£20 caravan update

these pictures are all over the place as my photographer is still training so i appologise in advance for your sore necks

what do you think this is ?
this is the muck out of one cushion after using the new toy to clean them with

this is the box of the new toy and a fabulous thing it is too

these are some of the cushions after being cleaned and dont they look better

it wasnt just the inside stuff that was getting clean this is me scubbing clean the out side
its amazing under all the moss and green stuff its actually white

doesnt that look better - almost respectable now - also you can see in this shot the new electrical hookup i have put in - what you cant see is the new fusebox and circuit breakers on the inside - better safe than sorry

got this bit to sort out next - this is where the zig unit should be but isnt so all i have is a mass of wires with nothing to wire them into - could be interesting this bit

another action shot this - now its a bit cleaner inside we couldnt get all the marks of the walls so i decided to have a repaint - it'll take a couple of coats but it looks better all ready

just an interior shot this to show you what its starting to look like

same again here

Here are the little darlings at morecombe having fun in the sun .The youngs trying out the skate park

here we have a nice random piece of farm machinery

now the secret is to work out what it is and whats it for ??????


  1. its at Willis' and its a thing for plowing fields, or turning hay???


  2. Well, seems the 20 pounds caravan is getting into shape. Hope will be as good as new soon.