Sunday, 16 August 2009


been out and about today and went to a bit of a do at the local animal rescue centre - the same one where we got the dog from

it was a good turnout with plenty to do - lets hope they raised plenty of money as its for a good cause

this is the youngest boy doing a good impersonation of a dalmation - can you tell one from the other ?

here we are at last a nice teaser shot of the amazing £20 caravan - this is a before picture as we saw it listed on e-bay
when we got there we realised this must have been an old shot as it was even worse

right - sunflowers

here are some nice pictures of the sunflowers in our garden -

i have these in the garden and do not need to take a drve out and take photos of some body elses

as you can see they are getting kind of big now and havent stopped growing yet

this one here is ten inch across so far and still has some growing to do

this is a nice shot accross the acreage - doesnt it look much bigger without the pool ?

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