Sunday, 10 January 2010

been out to play in the snow with the dog

been out playing in the snow with the dog
- its quite hard getting a good picture of the dog in the snow as it runs round like a demented idiot
this is actually a road we are playing on and not too far from our house
we go out here often as the road is quiet and the dog can run free
this is another one of our well gritted local roads as you can see - the gritters are only gritting major routes and this is only a local road so it doesnt get any

i would think it has been sort of cleared by one of the farmers as there is a farm down in the bottom
we didnt get too much snow up here but it has struggled to get much above minus 10 for most of the week - so it isnt going anywhere for a while i think
so off we went to play me, the better half, the youngest and the daft dog
we took the sledge as well and this kept me and the better half warm dragging it about and the dog ran about chasing the sledge and the snow

the dog looks knackered doesnt it - and it is asleep behind me in its basket at present - lucky thing !!
out and about this week in the wagon the weather has caused all sorts of problems
i have been in blizzards, white outs freezing rain and bright sunshine

yes its been fun to say the least
down south it was good as the roads were quiet as they all panicked and stayed at home - which was good as earlier in the week when they first got it they were taking it in turns to crash in ever more interesting ways
the further north you got the colder it got and the roads were more up to the normal traffic level - slightly less accidents but not by much
it just shows the difference in cultures - some people will take time off at the least excuse where others will just battle in - me, if i dont go in i dont get paid - simple as that - so into work i went
the weather may have been bad but over the week i delivered every load i was asked to and collected every load too - it was hard going at times - but the job has to get done - so you just get on with it
but it is nice on the weekend to go out in the snow and play with the family - enjoy it while i can back to work again tommorrow - hey ho !!!


  1. Well we're either a tougher breed up North or plain daft!

    Seems to be thawing slowly, long may it continue we've had our fun for one year!

    Take care.

  2. Glad you're able to enjoy time with your family! Here in Virginia where I live the smallest amount of snow causes everything to be delayed or closed--Now when I lived in Alaska for 10 years, when you got 2 feet of snow, you went on with your life as normal...I guess we're not that "tough" here! :-)

  3. which road were you on our Nick? And yes they are soft down south....however we think you're all soft here in Canada!!!! Just teasing,


  4. That's the spirit! Get out and enjoy instead of staring out the window and complaining, lol! Your little one has the right idea :-)

  5. why haven't you posted these last couple of weeks our Nick?