Tuesday, 5 January 2010

snow snow and more bloody snow

what a day - snow and idiots
the bad picture is me parked up for the night bottom side of oxford - yes oxford - i dont think they have ever seen this much snow - chaos
right, idiots - been around the country a bit today - cumbria, humberside, yorkshire and down into oxfordshire - the same applies to all of them
there seems to be two sections of idiots on the roads
1/ see some snow, panic brake hard and then drive along at ten miles per hour
2/ignore all snow and other traffic and drive flat out and hope for the best
both are bad and usually cause an accident which wouldnt be so bad but they usually take someone else with them
there is no hard and fast way to drive in snow but try this it seems to work for me - look around be aware of others around you,leave a good gap in front of you(imagine the car in front had an accident could you stop with that gap)
drive at a steady speed do not brake hard, accelerate hard or steer hard - try to imagine a full glass of water balanced on your lap and any sudden move will spill cold water on your bits - i was lucky and got taught how to drive in snow and ice on a skidpan years ago and thats how they did it and yes i got wet quite a bit until i learned
another thing and this is a rant - before you set off clear the snow from your car - windows, lights, bonnet and roof - i have lost count of the cars and vans i have seen today looking like mobile snow drifts
think about it and look about at other vehicles and you will see - once these mobile snow drifts get going all the snow flies off and lands on the vehicles behind causing obvious problems - think harder - what would happen if snow falling from your vehicle caused an accident and they got your registration number ?
i know i go on but driving up and down the roads all day i see too many accidents and body bags and it gets to you after a while -
if only one of you take notice and save yourselves an accident it is worth the rest of you thinking i go on too much


  1. they drive like that over here as well.......mind you, you have to remember half the population have neither seen nor have driven in snow over here!!

    Take care,


  2. there are lunatics all over I am afraid....
    a farmer near us CHARGED drivers 20£ a pop to be dragged home!
    hey ho!
    stay warm

  3. Totally agree with you about the idiots. When the first snow fell here three weeks ago I had an idiot taxi driver up my boot in a blizzard. About 6 cars had crashed in front of us, probably through driving too close or too fast and I was weaving around them but this lunatic insisted on keeping so close I could have hit him.