Monday, 12 April 2010

back to the acreage

to start off with here is one of the photos i did manage to take on my holidays

you will probably have to blow it up to get the full effect but i only took it with my phone and its hard to get it all in

this is a new addition to the acreage - i got this off freecycle and after a little bit of sanding and staining it looks as good as new

if you look carefully you can see the seeds growing nicely in there - hopefully a bumper crop this year

i have re-done the top patio for the green house and have put stepping stones in and landscaped it with interesting river washed stones - it was our lasses idea and we think it looks good

once the seedlings are up some will be going into the cloche (new again) and some into the acreage which has been dug over ready

the daft dog wasnt much help but did try by sniffing every thing there was and i think he approved as he cocked his leg up at the end and put his mark on it - oh the joys!!

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  1. I like your green house. Hope everything is fine? Email me when you get a chance.