Friday, 2 April 2010

on holiday in north Wales

well we are back and have survived another holiday - we had a week in north Wales in probably the worst weather they have had in the last 20 years !!!!
I did not take any of these photo's as the weather was that bad - so all these are off the net just to give you the idea
our first day out was to Prestatyn where we had a good wander about through the local shops and had dinner in one of the smaller café's - I think it was called Gail's cafe and it was excellent - good food and good choice - the kids cleaned their plates - job done
later on we went to Ryhl and went in the shopping centre for the girls to look around the bigger shops - i hung around a bit and tried not to look bored
went back to the log cabin for tea and crashed out

the photo above is of the road that goes around the great orme which we drove around with the waves breaking over the sides of the road and over the roof of the car - the kids liked that - yes look at the picture again again and work it out - yes the weather was that bad !!

next we drove up onto the top and got on the great orme tramway and went down to the bottom of the hill and then straight back up again - I have never been so cold in all my life - there are no windows in them because the wind can be that strong up there it would blow them off the tracks - i am not surprised !! - I know it blew straight through me !!
we were the only people in it on the way down but some other idiots joined us on the way back up
was it worth it ? .... yes I think it was - you don't want a little bit of weather spoiling your holiday do you ?
here is a link to a video showing you what it is like on a normal day
on another day out we had a wander about on Anglesey we went around Holyhead for a bit (I think it was shut) and on the way back called in at that welsh station with the ridiculously long name - it was good and we wandered around the gift shop and bought some tat
here is a link to a good site that explains the name , what it means and how to say it .... good luck
looks posh doesn't it ?
this picture is of the complex at the front on a nice summers day - not taken by me !!
we thought it was a nice place and we were staying in one the log cabins around the other side
they were comfortable and made a good base to tour about from - we always like to have a look about the local area just to see what is about
overall we had a good holiday - even with the bad weather -gale force winds , floods , rain , hail , snow - a holiday is always what you choose to make it , we had some good laughs and have taken away some good memories
would we go back ..............yes I think we would


  1. WOW!! I love your pictures, but am sorry that the weather the weather also went on vacation and didn't cooperate!!

  2. It looks great. Shame about the weather but a little thing like that doesn't stop you. I've never been to North Wales only to the South West which was gorgeous too.

  3. It was on our news here how bad the weather was in Britain.

    Glad you had a good time though,


  4. In spite of the bad weather, it seems like your enjoying yourshort break in wales.