Sunday, 2 May 2010

todays flower and other growing stuff

do you remmember that blue flower i was on about the other week - well this is what it turns into when grown
no idea what it is or what it is called but it grows every year and looks good so we keep it

please feel free to click on it to blow it up as it looks really good in detail

that advice goes for all my pictures this week as they all contain some thing worth looking at - for a change

this is the back garden at the moment and as you can see things are really starting to come up now - the main thing of note is the much larger acreage this year with a wall around it and the stupid looking but very effective orange fence

why the fence ? - i had just transferred the seedlings from the green house into the acreage and planted them in nice neat rows when the daft dog decided it would have a dump in this nice area and then decided to re-dig it over for me

i didn't have the 12 bore to hand so have had to come up with an effective method of dog proofing it for now

here is what is growing in the green house

on the left these are sweetpeas and are only just starting

on the right is the spare broccoli and cauli just in case - the rest are in the acreage

as you can see the grow bags are in allready but not planted yet as the tomatoes and peppers etc are not ready yet

<- here are the tomatoes and pepper

they are getting there but not quite big enough to plant just yet

here it is the new and improved acreage

you will need to click on this one to blow it up and if you do you will see all that is there

there are peas,carrots,cabbage,potatoes,broccoli and cauliflower

if you look carefully at that soil you can see it is a good mixture this year as i have been lucky enough to find some good quality organic farmyard manure that is well rotted and almost dry to the touch

well heres to a good growing season and lets see what survives this year - i have planted more stuff than ever this year and there is more stuff still in packets ready to plant - i just don't have enough space to try all of it

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  1. that looks like forget-me-nots

    they are like a weed, they will spread like crazy......

    Garden is looking good, I could do with you popping over and planting up mine......oh there is still some rotovating to do, as I bought 50lb of potatoes to plant!!