Sunday, 23 May 2010

out and about and back on the acreage

well its all growing now
some stuff is growing well and others have died a death

generally all is well and the garden is looking better for it

the weather has started to improve and we are able to spend more time in the garden so we are having to put the effort in to make it a nice place to spend time

if you look carefully you can see the veg is starting to make an appearance - fingers crossed

the lettuce in the mini green house is no more as the ants have eaten it all -any ideas on that ??-

i have planted some more in the summer house and am going to grow it in there in growbags on the stageing and see if that works

lots going on in the summer house and things are getting big enough to move to bigger pots or even go outside and in to the garden

under the stageing you can see a box full of pots - we got these from a garage sale we went to - i asked the price and they said if i wanted them i could just take them as they were being thrown out - result !!

they are good pots and after i cleaned them up i am putting them to good use

- next time i am looking for planters and mini trellis - heres hopeing !!

been out and about with the kids and looked about at a few car boots and garage sales so on the way back we called in at the local school fun day and they had a go on the go karts

they both seemed to enjoy that so job well done me thinks !!

ok gotta go back to work again its sunday again no rest for the wicked etc.
i will try and be quicker with the blogging if i get time so dont hold your breath but you never know.........

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  1. How did the house hunting go on the weekend?

    Great photos of the boys,