Sunday, 30 May 2010

update from the acreage

another week , another update

its all growing in the summer house

- some of the seeds have got bigger and have had to be re-potted

the bigger ones moved up to even bigger pots

and the ones after that have moved house and into the garden

meanwhile in the acreage the potatoes hve burst forth - and are doing well
the peas are doing that well i had to re-stake them
the cauli and broccolli are recovering but getting there
some thing is eating the cabbage and has finished eating the carrots
but i have noticed that since the potatoes came through proper what ever has been eating stuff has calmed down

so all doing well and the garden borders are all getting filled up with plants that we have grown ourselves

maybe not as good as shop bought plants but there is a sense of satisfaction when you have done it for yourself

nothing exiting at work lately but i did have a wander up to inverness and back-its been a while since i was up there last and i had forgotten what a really spectacular drive that is

if you ever get chance you should do it the A9 from Perth to Inverness is some of the best scenery you will ever get to see - it really is straight out of a geology text book - glaciated valleys with huge boulders strwn accross the landscape just left where the melting ice left them - you really do get the impession that this is a landsape still being formed around you
i probably shouldnt have told you all as too many tourists would spoil the sheer tranquility of it all - so keep it quiet now but add it to the list of things to do before you die

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  1. good to see things are growing. Where are your weeds? I am growing hundreds of weeds in my veggie garden, is that not normal???? LOL