Friday, 25 February 2011

been there did that - with pictures

well we are back and yes we enjoyed it

this picture just about sums it up - just look at that view - and it was like this all over
 this is how we got over to hunters quay - it is one of the ferries run by western ferries
only a 20 minute crossing and the kids loved it
much better than to extra 100 miles in the car to get round the other way
 this is what we stayed in - it is a 3 bedroom lodge at hunters quay holiday village - a very nice, well run site in a lovely location

would we go there again - yes i think we would

our son is called john and we spotted this street sign in dunoon

well you have to dont you ..........


  1. I had no idea you guys were going away? Is it half term?

    It looks a lovely place.


  2. that's a stunning header photo our Nick, where was that taken?