Tuesday, 15 March 2011

My big sister

My big sister

All of my life i have had my big sister gillian.

when i was younger she was a pain and allways telling me off
and grassing me up to our parents when i got into trouble.

Then she discovered boyfriends and was no bother to me but a
worry to our parents.

Then she moved out, settled down and had family of her own.

Then she was gone on the airplane for a one way trip to
canada (i took all their cases in my little van)we said goodbye and then she

Mother was in tears and so was gill – me , i wasnt so
bothered i thought.

I was away and in the army and too busy to remmember my big
sis , but every now and then news would filter through and i would hear of
their lastest exploits – they we doing well.

Now i am older and i too have family all of my own and i
listen to the kids bicker and fight i think back to my own childhood and wonder
if we were that bad.

Well yes we were and worse as well.

I just hope the kids get over it and in time learn to
appreciate their siblings over time as i have done and its not all just
brothers and sisters its equals and friends.

Happy birthday our gill – www. thatbritishwoman.blogspot.com/


  1. Oh Nick, I am in tears with that post that was lovely.......I would ask if you are drunk....but that wouldn't be polite now would it!!

    Thanks I really appreciate it...


  2. A lovely tribute for your sister. I laughed at the name of your blog!

    Cheers - Joolz (Australia)

  3. That was lovely !- I guess we all appreciate things more the older we get ! yours sounded like a very normal family to me !

  4. What a lovely tribute!